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If you’ve ever been to Disney or done your reading on Disney World you’ve probably come across a Joffrey’s Coffee review at least once. They’re the only other coffee brand served in-park besides Starbucks, and as far as I’m aware, the only brand that uses Disney logos and trademarks in its marketing. 

For a Disney junkie such as myself, being able to have Joffrey’s Coffee at home is like being able to have a little bit of Disney magic with me when I’m really missing the parks. Their “not so scary pumpkin brew” for the fall is one of my all-time favorites, so when I saw the “Banana Bonanza” flavor at my local Marshall’s, I HAD to grab it. 

The whole bag of coffee was $8.00 at my store, and was found in the little checkout aisle rather than the aisle with the coffees and syrups. I HIGHLY recommend checking your Marshall’s every season if you’re a Joffrey’s fan, you never know when you might find a bag!  

Joffrey’s Coffee Review: Banana Bonanza Flavor

I’m a sucker for anything tropical, and since summer pretty much starts in March for us here in South Florida, I had no issues with throwing tropical flavors into my morning lineup. The flavor itself is listed on the bag as “brown sugar banana”, and you can certainly smell the banana when you pick up the bag. Not in a bad way mind you- it doesn’t smell overly artificial or too overpowering; it smells like a banana creme pie. 

I first tried the coffee with only sugar in it to try to get a better idea of the pure taste, but the sip I got just tasted like black coffee, which I don’t personally recommend. After I added creamer and took a healthy gulp (it is Monday morning, after all) I felt I could really get a better sense of the flavor. You can certainly taste the banana, and overall the flavor reminds me more of a banana pudding than anything else. The brown sugar flavor complimenting the banana conjures up thoughts of vanilla wafers thrown in the coffee.  

Final Thoughts 

For this Joffrey’s Coffee review I can safely say I’ll continue to drink my way through this bag, and pick up another one for the season if I find it. If you’re not a fan of banana pudding or anything banana adjacent, I can’t recommend this to you. But, for everyone else- it’s a delightfully tropical coffee to keep summer on your mind as you sip. 

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