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Before I get into this Shang-Chi no spoilers review, let me just tell you: this film deserves WAY more hype than it got. 

The Shang-Chi trailers largely showed the same few clips, so imagine my shock and awe in the movie theatre when I actually saw it all unfold. As you can probably tell, I loved this movie. Let me convince you why you should go see it too. 


Forget about this being a superhero movie- this is one of the best action movies I’ve seen in the theatres in years. The fight sequences literally made me feel giddy- something only my favorite action movies have achieved. Our leading man Simu Liu (Shang-Chi) is a certified action hero. I legitimately cannot wait to see more of him, whether that’s in the MCU or elsewhere. He handles the fight choreography so masterfully, and the action sequences will quite literally leave you wide-eyed like a little kid- something only the greatest films tend to achieve. 

The entire main cast is made of badasses, and it makes every scene an absolute joy to watch. The bus fight scene from the trailers is as amazing as it seems, and that’s just a tiny glimpse into the stunning fight sequences in this film. 

An Accessible Origin  

Perhaps accessible isn’t the right word, but what I mean is: this is a film where you can very easily walk in having never seen an MCU film in your entire life, and you will understand it perfectly. There are references to other MCU events and characters here and there, but you will 100% understand and enjoy the film without getting the references. There’s just enough here and there for seasoned fans to be excited about, but not enough to confuse first-timers or pull you out of the experience. 

To anyone who may be new to the MCU still, I’d say this is an amazing introductory film if they’re not quite sold on “superhero” movies. If you enjoy action movies, especially martial arts films, you will enjoy Shang-Chi. 

Is Shang-Chi Recommended for Kids?

Largely I’d say yes, this film is perfectly fine for kids. HOWEVER, they do say “shit” a few times here and there, so if language is your concern, be aware. The violence isn’t gory, and there’s no imagery that’s particularly nightmarish where it would affect young children. Shang-Chi is rated PG-13, but I’d say it’s pretty safe for a younger audience. There are some themes of grief and loss, so if your child is sensitive to those, I’d keep that in mind before deciding. 

Shang-Chi Post Credits 

BE AWARE: There are TWO post-credits scenes for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings! There are a mid-credits and a post-credits scene. Don’t be like the unfortunate souls in my theatre who left after the mid-credits. Honestly, we should all know by now to wait until the very very end just in case. With Marvel movies, you never know, and most of us don’t want to chance it. Since this Shang-Chi review has no spoilers, I won’t say what they are or how hyped you should or should not be here. Keep an eye out for the Shang-Chi spoilers review for that info! 

Final Thoughts 

For this Shang-Chi no spoilers review- I’ll try to keep some of it vague for those who haven’t seen it yet. Shang-Chi is funny, heartfelt, and masterfully put together. There’s more than one scene I wished I could grab to use as my desktop wallpaper because they were so beautiful. Try to walk into this film blind (most of us are anyway because of the aforementioned trailers)- because then the delight you experience will be at its peak.  Shang-Chi is an instantly rewatchable film, and I can’t wait to see it again the first chance I get. 

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