Spring break travel essentials
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In most of the country, the ice is starting to thaw and visions of spring break are beginning to dance in everyone’s heads. With the incoming onslaught of spring break thoughts and plans, I thought I’d share my absolute spring break travel essentials for 2022! 


If you’re headed somewhere warm and sunny this spring break, sunscreen is a MUST. Down here in South Florida I always keep a bottle in my car, just in case! In many states you’ll need to check the UV Index before heading out for the day- it tells you how strong the sun’s rays are that day. There have been many a day where it’s been overcast in south FL but we still get badly burned because of the high UV index for the day. Trust me, nothing ruins a vacation faster than the pain from an awful sunburn. Also, I recommend using reef-safe sunscreen if you’ll be spending spring break at the beach! That way it won’t further damage the coral reefs around here. 

Insulated Water Bottle 

Another hot weather must is a good insulated water bottle. I use my HydroFlask all day every day because of its ability to keep ice for over 24 hours, but any good metal or another insulated water bottle will do. Dehydration is a real risk when you’re out in the sun all day, so be sure to keep that water on hand and drink it regularly! Plus, on a sunny day, nothing feels better than a gulp of ice-cold water. 

Backup Phone Battery 

This has been a lifesaver for me on trip after trip, especially when I’m spending all day at Disney World. Sometimes you don’t realize how much you’re using your phone until suddenly you get a low power notification and you can’t find an outlet to charge anywhere. I use this Anker backup battery, and it gets me back to a full charge with juice left to spare should one of my friends need it too! 


If you’re traveling by plane especially, I recommend bringing at least one book with you! That way you can save your battery on your devices for later. Plus, if you’re headed to the beach this spring break it’s always nice to have a beach read while you soak up the sun. If you’d like a list of fun beachy reads, you can click here. I like to bring two books with me if possible, one for the plane ride there and one for the ride back just in case I finish the first one! I’m also an insane person who gets to the airport 3 hours early each time though, so bring the number of books you think you’d get through! 

Noise Cancelling Headphones 

A true travel essential, get yourself a good pair of noise-canceling headphones. As someone who is a nervous flyer, I promised myself on my last trip I’d finally invest in a pair to help drown out any plane noises. On recommendation from a friend, I bought these Sony headphones. Now, these are definitely an investment, I know not everyone has $300 to spend on a pair of headphones. Hell, I wouldn’t usually either! Regardless of what pair you end up buying, I HIGHLY recommend making sure they come with the detachable aux wire so you can use them for the airplane seatback if they have a movie or show you wanted to watch. 

Other Travel Essentials

Some other quick items I recommend for travel in general are: 

  • Something non-electronic to do like a deck of cards in case your battery runs out 
  • A comfy jacket because planes can get obscenely cold 
  • A sturdy neck pillow to sleep more comfortably while traveling 

Spring Break Essentials 

Those are my top travel essentials for spring break 2022! If there’s anything you believe you should on this list, drop a comment below! If you’re looking for some free or cheap things to do in South Florida on spring break, click here. For a daily dose of motivation, inspiration and pop culture love go ahead and follow me on Instagram @glamgeekguru! 

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