Solo Travel to Disney's Magic Kingdom
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If you’re anything like me, the idea of solo travel has always appealed to you, but you haven’t been able to bring yourself to do it. Well, this past weekend I finally took the plunge and went on a solo trip to Disney. 

I woke up early and set out around 6:00 AM for the most magical place on Earth. The drive itself was uneventful, I had a podcast to keep me company on the 3 or so hour drive there. I arrived at Disney’s All-Star Music Resort and checked in, my room wasn’t ready yet so I left my bag in my car and hopped on the first bus to Magic Kingdom. I should also note, it was FREEZING. I had dressed for the weather in the 60s as the weather app told me the day before that I’d experience, but when I arrived it was a decidedly chilly 45 degrees F. After a quick jacket change in the parking lot (major shoutout to my mom for suggesting I bring a heavier jacket with me), I was good to go. 

Solo Travel: Magic Kingdom Trip 

Upon arrival, I headed straight to one of my absolute favorite rides in the park: Pirates of the Caribbean. The listed standby time was 25 minutes and it took about that time to get on the ride. Waiting in line I was thankfully able to pop into conversation with two of the people in front of me, so the line didn’t feel quite as long. After I got my fix of Pirates, I headed around the bend to the Haunted Mansion. 

The line for the Haunted Mansion looked quite long, the standby time was listed at half an hour, but thankfully I only waited 15 minutes. The line certainly felt longer though, as I wasn’t able to make conversation with anyone in the line around me (I know some might cringe at the idea of a stranger trying to make conversation with them, but I for one, have a hard time shutting up). 

Solo Travel: Dining Alone at Disney

I got incredibly lucky when I booked my trip and snagged a table for 1 at “Be Our Guest”, which I’d been trying and failing to get reservations for the last few trips I’ve taken to Magic Kindom. It’s definitely on the pricey side, but if you can, I highly recommend it. I had the pleasure of eating the grand ballroom at a private two-top on the wall, and it truly felt magical. I was able to stay off my phone and just people-watch or stare at the snow magically and peacefully falling outside the ballroom windows. 

The food was delicious, I had the meat and cheese board for the appetizer, the pork belly entree, and the usual dessert trio. I also indulged in a glass of champagne as a treat for myself, since I was facing my fear of dining and traveling alone. For those who don’t know, it’s a fixed price for all 3 courses, and you get to pick one thing for each. Anything extra you choose will cost extra, obviously. 

The beast came around the ballroom a few times to wave and walk the inner circle, but if you’re looking for him to stop at every table for photos, you’re gonna be in for some disappointment. He makes his rounds and then goes away again, so when they announce he’s coming out be sure to grab your phone or your camera to snag those pics before he goes back in! 

Disney’s Lightning Lane 

The longest wait I experienced was actually for The Little Mermaid, of all rides. The standby time was listed at 15 minutes, and I ended up waiting for around 35 minutes. I had read about lightning lane guests ending up extending standby wait times (because they just get to walk on the ride, pausing the standby line), but thankfully this is the only ride where I personally experienced it. The line was at a complete standstill just outside the ride start for around 15 minutes as lightning lane guests just kept coming. 

I didn’t attempt any of the “big” rides because they weren’t a priority for me, and I wasn’t in the mood to wait for over an hour by myself. The longest wait I’d seen was actually Peter Pan, at an 80-minute wait where even Mine Train was at 75. 

If you’re coming here from out of state and you know your trip won’t be complete without making it onto certain rides, if you have the money, have the peace of mind and get the lightning lane. If you cannot get Lightning Lane, I HIGHLY recommend getting to park as close to rope drop as possible. If you’re staying on property, use the opportunity to enter the park early. If you’re not staying on property, I advise still getting to the park as if you have the early access time, in order to ensure you’re at the front of the pack who’s rope-dropping the park. 

Solo Travel in a Nutshell 

As someone who adores Disney World with their whole heart, I will say it just wasn’t quite as magical on my own. Sure, there were moments of pure magic, like seeing the Dapper Dans sing Lida Rose, or entering Be Our Guest for the first time; but in my experience, the magic is best when shared with people you love. 

I’m still glad I went and got the experience, ESPECIALLY Galaxy’s Edge (which I’ll talk about in the next post), but next time I go, it’ll definitely be with friends or family. 

Keep an eye out for my solo experience at Galaxy’s Edge here, and for more Disney and geeky content you can follow me on Instagram @glamgeekguru! 

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