3 ways to style a denim skirt
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A denim skirt is one of the more versatile pieces many of us already have in our wardrobes. Sometimes we can find ourselves in a bit of a style rut, so here’s something I hope will help: 3 different ways to style a denim skirt, all in varying aesthetics! I will have the exact links listed where possible, but for thrifted items, I’ll post the link where you can find that item or something similar if it’s not currently sold new! Read on for some new ideas for a denim skirt outfit from what you might already have in your closet!

Alternative Denim Skirt Outfit 

Denim skirt outfit using mesh rose top and Converse high top sneakers

For this outfit, both the skirt and the mesh top are from American Eagle, the black tank top is an old Forever 21 tank, and the shoes are my trusty black Converse I’ve had for over a decade now. The mesh top and the Converse high-tops make this a little more edgy. You could also opt for combat boots, but because it’s the heat of summer sneakers felt like a better fit here. I found the mesh top at the thrift store, and the skirt at Ross! Always keep your eyes peeled at stores like Ross, TJMaxx, and Marshall’s, you never know what you might find! 

Top: Poshmark, $15, size large 

Skirt: Poshmark, $25, size 6 

Shoes: Amazon, $50, multiple sizes 

Fun Denim Skirt Outfit 

Denim skirt outfit using fun thrifted vest and white sneakers

This is one of my favorite outfits in my closet. The vest is thrifted, and has a tag that proclaims it was handmade with love sometime in the past. This outfit is also featured in my “styling clothes I never wear” video, which you can check out if you’re interested! I’m a big fan of vests and think they have a lot to offer our closets. This outfit uses the same tank top as the alternative outfit but swaps the Converse for my trusty Sketchers Go-Runs. I will shout praise about these shoes till the end of time, they’re incredibly comfortable and supportive, and your feet will thank you after a long day out. 

Similar Vest: Poshmark, $34 

Shoes: Bealls, $50 

Old Money Outfit/Beachy Outfit  

Old money beachy aesthetic way to wear a denim skirt

Old money outfits and quiet luxury outfits are all the rage these days, but if you’re looking for something classy yet beachy, this is the summer outfit for you. The white button-down (Tommy Bahama) and bag are both thrifted, while the beautiful summer heels are actually from Ross! For the button-down I recommend something that’s closer to linen than polyester, or just gives off that linen look, it’s much more beachy and lived-in that way. 

Shirt: ThredUp, $20 

Shoes: Amazon, $40 

Bag: Kohls, $35 

Styling Your Denim Skirt for Summer 

With prices on pretty much everything constantly going up, let’s maximize our wardrobes together and really squeeze out every possible use of these pieces! Looking to style a sundress next? You can click here for that! Or, looking to save money on clothes, makeup, or skincare? I got ya covered right here

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