Hogwarts inspired makeup looks
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To celebrate Back to Hogwarts day this year (as well as the general start of fall) I decided to try my hand at Hogwarts-inspired makeup looks! I did one look for each house, basing them on the primary colors of each. You don’t have to coordinate your outfit to go with each look if you don’t want to, bud I did anyway to make it more fun! 


Gryffindor makeup look

Starting off with my own house, Gryffindor! 

Eyes: Red shimmer eyeshadow from the Morphe 39A palette, shade “snatched”. Eyeliner is Colourpop in shade “fadeaway”

Lips: Maybelline Superstay Matte ink in shade “pioneer”

Red is my favorite color, it felt wonderful to finally celebrate it fully with this look. I’m completely biased towards Gryffindor, but I promise I have a lot of love for the other houses as well! 


Ravenclaw makeup look

Eyes: Morphe 39A palette, in shade “dare me”, eyeliner is NYX in the shade “silver lining”

Lips: NYX liquid suede lipstick in the shade “Jet Set”

There’s just something about these colors in combination that remind me so beautifully of the night sky. Such elegant colors, they definitely give off intellectual, regal vibes! 


Slytherin makeup look

Eyes: Elf glitter shadow in the shade “aurora”, black eyeliner was black matte eyeshadow added to the outer corners of the eyes. 

Lips: NYX Lip Lingerie XXL  in the shade “naughty noir”

A note about the elf liquid glitters: make sure you prime your eyes before using them, and if you have sensitive skin PLEASE patch test these on your hand/arm first!! 

I will take literally any excuse I can to wear black lipstick. I searched high and low for one to replace my very old and patchy Colourpop one, and thankfully I came across this NYX one on a Target trip! 


Hufflepuff makeup look

Eyes: Gold glitter shadow is Morphe in shade “face”, eyeliner is the “sex kitten” eyeliner from Tarte

Lips: Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink in shade “seductress” with the Maybelline Lifter Gloss in shade “crystal” layered over top. 

Last but certainly not least, we have the gold and glittery Hufflepuff. A quick note about the lip gloss used here: if you don’t like the smell of coconut I don’t recommend it. It didn’t taste like coconut as far as I could tell, but it smells very strongly of it, so be advised! 

Hogwarts-Inspired Makeup Looks for Fall 

I hope you enjoyed these Hogwarts-inspired makeup looks as much as I did! Playing with colors I don’t usually get to was amazing, and I highly recommend it to others as well. Harry Potter lives on in our hearts, even if its legacy has been tainted. This is one way you can still show off your house pride without directly purchasing something Harry Potter-related. 

If you enjoyed these Hogwarts-inspired makeup looks, let me know! For more content like this, you can click here, or follow me on Instagram or Pinterest @glamgeekguru . If you have a fandom or style you’d like to see next, let me know in the comment section!

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