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Happy Friday and welcome to the first installment of Hannah’s Hyperfixation Corner! 

Those who know me know that I bounce from interest to interest quite rapidly (after consuming an inordinate amount of content and/or information about the subject first). SO! I decided that Friday’s would be the days where I break down everything I’ve been hyperfixating on during the week, in the off chance that someone else might enjoy those interests as well! 

Well, off we go! 

Lore Olympus 

I first started binge-reading the utterly fantastic webtoon Lore Olympus perhaps a month or two ago? (I can’t exactly pinpoint it, time is weird lately) but picked it back up this week to continue the story. I love Hades and Persephone so so much. Persephone inspired me to pick my makeup tools back up and create a look inspired by her, which you can check out here (if you’d like). I also did a separate look inspired by Hades which allowed me to dig out my long-forgotten blazer and don a more business-y look for the first time in ages. 

If you’re into Greek Mythology or even just good love stories, I can’t recommend Lore Olympus enough. And the best part? It’s FREE. That’s right y’all, free. The comic is free to access either on the webtoon app or their website and is updated every Sunday. We are truly blessed to receive that story for free. 

Makeup and Beauty 

As mentioned above, creating colorful looks for Persephone and Hades re-launched my deep love of makeup I thought I lost when I graduated college (the last time it my hyperfixation). It’s a wonderful creative outlet that helps me visually represent characters or themes in different ways outside of straight-up cosplay. 

I’ve been really into Mikayla Nogueira’s beauty TikToks, she’s got amazing skills and she makes her videos so enjoyable to watch! She seems super down to earth, and her videos make me laugh at the same time as I’m learning about new techniques or products. In that same vein, I’ve been really into the fashion side of TikTok. Mostly just because I’m looking for more ways to style the clothes I already have so I’m not wearing bike shorts and a graphic tee every day. 

YouTube Video Essays 

Now I don’t know if I enjoy these just because it’s almost like the visual version of what a podcast can offer, but I’ve been really digging listening to video essays while I work lately. The topics are never the same, recently I watched the Zoe Unlimited one titled “you DON’T need to become “that girl”” as well as an endless amount of ModernGurlz videos because I’ve always been really into fashion on film, but their channel gave me concrete analysis to follow. I’m first and foremost a film girlie, so ModernGurlz has quickly become one of my faves for their style analysis as well as film commentary- their Devil Wears Prada style analysis is a must for any fan of the iconic film. The hyperfixation is really real on this one- I CANNOT get enough of them.


I am as bad at finishing video games as I am at finishing tv shows. It’s an issue, I know. But the Indiana Jones-esque allure of the Uncharted games is what pulled me to purchase the Nathan Drake collection when I first bought my PlayStation 4. Now that the film adaptation with Tom Holland and Mark Whalberg is fast approaching, I decided to pick them back up again. It should come as no surprise that I love these games, very deeply. I’m a sucker for a classic adventure game- and the fact that they gave me an incredible story to help unravel only adds to my admiration. 

For those wondering, I’m currently on Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.


I guess the TikTok algorithm pegged me as a reader (which, they’re not entirely wrong) because my FYP is covered with booktok videos. And as someone who feels FOMO very easily, I decided to finally take the plunge and read the most talked-about book on my FYP: A Court of Thorns and Roses. Now, I will admit- I burned through about 75 pages very quickly in one night. So far, it’s pretty worth it. I’m big into fantasy literature and diving into the fae realm is fresh and interesting for me. I’ve heard some things that may be considered spoilers thanks to booktok, but nothing too big (that I know of). I know there’s a Rhysand vs Tamlin thing fans have going on, but I’ve yet to meet Rhysand, so we’ll see where I end up falling on that spectrum when I’ve finished the book, I’ll keep you updated on Instagram and TikTok as I read! Also, shoutout

Weekly Hyperfixations 

Thanks for joining me for this week’s hyperfixation corner! If you’d like to see more from me you can give me a follow on Instagram @glamgeekguru and check back here regularly for new content each week! Feel free to drop in the comments your current hyperfixation!

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