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Now, some of you may know this, and some of you may not, I LOVE pizza. But pizza, tragically, does not love me. The red sauce irritates my stomach so much that if I have it for dinner I have to make sure I have tums on hand before I go to bed, and if I can’t wait at least 3 hours before going to bed, I have to sleep sitting up (which isn’t as bad as it sounds, and it prevents me from getting sick!)

This weekend, I was finally able to indulge in one of my recent favorite discoveries again: a white pizza with mushrooms, caramelized onions, and truffle oil. Sounds super fancy, right? Now, what if I told you I got it from the frozen section at Target for $5.00?

Unbelievable, right?? I decided to try it in the first place because I’m a sucker for mushrooms on a pizza, and I was tired of having to fight with the possibility of getting sick every time I ate regular pizza, as much as I adore it. So on a whim, I added it to my cart, and then threw it in my freezer when I got home. When I finally came around to trying it, I was honestly shocked at how much I liked it, especially considering it’s a super thin, crispy crust (when usually I prefer a super thick crust pizza).

I like it so much, that I try to grab one every week or so to keep in the freezer, for those Friday nights where I just really want pizza (I’m still not sure why I automatically associate Friday Nights with pizza). And, for those who like to count their calories or their macros, 1/3 of the pizza (roughly 3 slices) is only 310 calories! (I say “only” because to me, that’s not a lot for pizza, but I am in no way an expert!)

The pizza is perfectly crispy, and even a little sweet thanks to the onions and the chunks of cheese that melt when you bite into your slice. I’ve tried adding my usual garlic powder to this pizza, but I don’t recommend it, as it ends up clashing weirdly with the aforementioned sweetness from those onions.

I’m sure you could pair this with a drink of your choice, lately (when the mood strikes me) I’ve been reaching for the apple pie wine from Target that I absolutely hoarded before they stopped stocking it for the season (but thankfully, it looks like they might still stock it!) I think that the sweetness to it pairs well with the flavors of the pizza, but it’s not a super sweet overload.

So, if you’re in the market to spend less than $10 on a new Target find, I highly recommend the Good & Gather mushroom and caramelized onion white pizza, which you can find in the frozen section! Good for those who can’t have red sauce, or for those who just like a nice white pizza every now and again!

Feel free to reach out to me on Instagram @glamgeekguru if you end up trying it, I’d love to hear what you think of it and what you’d pair with it!

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