Best summer camp movies
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Just in time for summer, I give you: the best summer camp movies. The time is upon us when kids and adults alike start to get excited about summer camp season. Kids lay in wait for the time when school is out and they can run around all day, and adults tend to get nostalgic about their own days at camp. Or perhaps they get to spend their summers working at various camps, creating summer memories of their own. 

As a former camper (and former counselor) I LOVE a good summer camp movie, so I’m excited to present my favorite summer camp movies here for you to enjoy. 

Summer Camp Movies for Kids

The Parent Trap 

The classic summer camp movie that we all know and love, whether it’s the original version from the 60s or the well-loved remake with Lindsey Lohan. This is the film that made me want to go to summer camp as a kid, even though I couldn’t handle so much as a sleepover without getting homesick. The peanut butter-dipped Oreos, the poker game, the fencing scene? All iconic. And don’t even get me started on that handshake, I’ve always wanted to learn it! As I get older I appreciate this film even more, because it had me fooled for YEARS thinking Lindsey Lohan had an actual twin they filmed with. Well done, Disney. Well done. 

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Stanley Yelnats, peaches and onions, Madame Zeroni. This was a summertime staple when I was growing up. Not only do you get an amazing mystery, you get a love story for the ages with Sam and Kate. This film is so, SO quotable, I’ve routinely said and heard “I’m tired of digging grandpa” met with “well that’s TOO DAMN BAD!!” every time. This might not be the kind of summer camp you’d want to attend, but it’s a film you NEED to see. 

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Camp Rock 

Is this one a little dated? Sure. But my intense love for the Jonas Brothers lead me to a Camp Rock obsession when it came out, and thus, to its inclusion on this list. I played the absolute crap out of the Camp Rock CD, I’m honestly surprised I didn’t break it and/or my stereo after so long. I actually have not seen Camp Rock 2, so sadly I cannot include it on this list. 

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Summer Camp Movies for Adults

Reader beware, these are definitely NOT for kids. There are some summer camp movies that are NOT for little eyes (or even for teenagers, in a lot of cases) so please check the information on these films before letting any younger kids watch them! They are deserving of their R ratings in more ways than one! 

Friday the 13th 

It would be a downright crime to have a list of the best summer camp movies and not include at least one version of Friday the 13th. I’m partial to the 2009 version– as it incorporates all the well-known symbols associated with Jason as well as the back story in one convenient film. As a self-proclaimed scaredy-cat, I can say this one wasn’t too scary. In fact, I’d say it’s one of the handful I’ll likely watch again come October. Do not be mistaken though, just because it’s not scary does NOT mean this is kid-friendly, or even teen-friendly for that matter. This movie is rated R for a reason, as is the next film on this list. 

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Fear Street Part 2 

This is my personal favorite in the Fear Street trilogy. I am an absolute sucker for a summer camp aesthetic, and a summer camp slasher is no exception. You should have the context of the first film in order to watch this one, but if you don’t want to then just look up the synopsis of part 1 first. This is one of the only films I’ve seen where they have “color war” the way my own summer camp did, so that warmed my heart (even if the counselors and campers alike on one team were insufferable). 

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Summer Camp Movies for Everyone 

I hope you enjoyed this list of summer camp movies! If there are any you love but weren’t on this list, please let me know! If you’re looking for more GlamGeek in your daily routine you can follow me on Instagram or TikTok @GlamGeekGuru, or subscribe to my YouTube Channel or Pinterest!

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