Forget hot girl summer, it's top gun summer
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Forget hot girl summer. This year, it’s Top Gun summer. 

If you haven’t seen the perfect action movie that is Top Gun: Maverick, go see it and then come back to this. Seriously, you’ll get what I’m talking about if you go see it first. 

When I think of a summer blockbuster, Top Gun: Maverick ticks every single one of the boxes. But it’s not just Top Gun summer because it’s a great movie, oh no. the summer vibes that film gives off are immaculate. It motivated me to dig out my Hawaiian shirt to wear for the Fourth of July and to get back to the gym and take it seriously. 

Top Gun Summer means spending as much time at the beach as possible, and getting as fit as you feel like. Personally, I want to be action hero fit, so we’re working on it, slowly but surely. Do I know how to play football? Absolutely not. But I will, however, be at the beach taking hot girl walks. Will I run into a group of hot naval aviators playing dogfight football? The chances are low, but never zero! 

Top Gun summer also means adding some absolute bangers to your playlist. I recommend the OG, “Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins, as well as the very catchy “I Ain’t Worried” by One Republic, from the aforementioned dogfight football scene (that we’ve all seen more than once now. It’s okay to admit it, you’re among friends here.) I can say with personal experience that Danger Zone is the perfect BPM for a good run, and I Ain’t Worried is great to keep you in a good mood while you’re working out. 

If you’re looking for either pre-workout or protein powder recommendations for your Top Gun summer workouts, I got you. I used to think pre-workout was BS- until I tried it recently. Let me tell you, it made a 6AM gym session much easier than it usually is. I use the Alani Nu pre-workout powder in the flavor “Hawaiian shaved ice”. Check the reviews before buying if you’re skeptical, but it worked for me, so I’ll continue to use it. I also recently switched my protein powder to the Alani Nu flavor “munchies” based on reviews that I had read. I mix it with vanilla almond milk and it tastes divine. Please note that this one is whey protein!! Non-dairy friends, please be aware! Not sponsored, I’m just really happy I found a flavor I like since my last protein powder maker of choice switched their recipe (and tasted like straight-up stevia). Also, what’s linked are the larger sizes, if you’d like a smaller size to try it first, check your local CVS! That’s where I found mine since it was more difficult to find the smaller size online. 

What are your plans for Top Gun summer? Let me know in the comments! To follow along with my daily shenanigans you can follow me on Instagram or TikTok @glamgeekguru- and for occasional videos, you can subscribe to my Youtube Channel! For those looking for things on the more aesthetic side, you can follow me on Pinterest @glamgeekguru as well. 

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