Best free halloween movies
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There are plenty of free Halloween movies on Peacock, but what follows is just the handful I’d suggest to get in the Halloween spirit. These range from classic and campy to strange and unusual, but if they sound interesting to you I’d recommend giving them a try! Just a note: you don’t have to pay for Peacock! You create a free account and only certain movies and tv shows are premium, the rest are free to watch!


The first free Halloween movie on Peacock I’d suggest is the all-time classic, Beetlejuice. This 80s comedy brings those Halloween vibes right to the forefront with its larger-than-life “bio-exorcist” played by Michael Keaton and resident goth gal Lydia, played by Winona Ryder. Break out your Handbook for the Recently Deceased and enjoy watching the Maitland’s try to remove the Deetz’s from their home with all sorts of antics fit for Halloween! 

Universal Classic Monster movies 

Speaking of classics, you can’t get more classic than the Universal Classic Monster films! If you’re looking to get a little cinema education with your free Halloween movie, these are the films for you! The Universal Classic Monster films laid the foundation for tropes and stories we still see in pop culture today. Whether you’re looking for the Creature from the Black Lagoon that inspired The Shape of Water, or the OG Bela Lugosi Dracula before you watch the Keanu Reeves version for the 12th time, you can find the entire collection for free on Peacock! 

Child’s Play 

Child’s Play is what “Toy Story” would be if it were a horror movie. The 1988 film gave us the iconic (and ironically named) “Good Guy” doll Chucky, possessed by the soul of a killer. There have been countless versions since (including one where Mark Hamill voices the titular doll, as well as an upcoming SyFy series), but you truly can’t go wrong starting with the original. Just be sure any dolls have been removed from sight after viewing, to avoid any scares in the middle of the night! 


For any fans of the Saw franchise, Jigsaw (the 8th installment of splatter films) is one of the many free Halloween movies available on Peacock! Some homework is suggested before pressing play on Jigsaw, it will help viewers immensely to watch the other films first, or at least get a primer on who the Jigsaw killer is, and what’s been happening in the Saw universe up until this point. This franchise is filled with murderous traps and plenty of gore, so viewers beware if you’re squeamish. 

An American Werewolf in London 

Trust me on this one, y’all. Our final free Halloween movie is the John Landis horror-comedy An American Werewolf in London. I’ll be upfront, this one is a little weird. It’s weird, but it’s good nonetheless, and showcases some absolutely amazing effects for it’s time. The werewolf transformation sequence is a piece of movie magic I still admire to this day. If you saw the 2017 version of The Mummy (Tom Cruise, not Brendan Fraser) then you’ll already be familiar with some of the nuances of An American Werewolf in London. But American Werewolf in London is good and entirely worth watching, trust me. 

Free Halloween Movies on Peacock 

And there you have it, 5 free halloween themed movies on Peacock just in time for spooky season! Looking for Halloween movies without the scares? For a list of non-scary halloween movies you can click here, and for films with fall vibes you can click here. If you’d like a daily dose of pop culture you can follow me on Instagram @glamgeekguru. Come say hi and tell me your favorite Halloween movie! 

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