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Rian Johnson’s 2019 whodunnit Knives Out is one of the best Thanksgiving films there is. No, it doesn’t take place on or around Thanksgiving, but just hear me out. It’s got the Thanksgiving aesthetic all over it. Allow me to explain. 

What makes up the Thanksgiving Aesthetic? 

The Thanksgiving aesthetic needs a few things working together in order to function properly. You need fall or autumnal weather (and its accompanying fashion), food, and family. Bonus points for family arguing. Now, let’s go over how Knives Out checks off all these boxes. 

#1: The Weather Sets the Mood 

Knives Out gives off such cozy New England fall vibes. I am someone who lives and breathes for the handful of chilly days that exist in South Florida each year. So, when I first set my sights on this film I couldn’t help but get jealous. It’s just not quite the same when it’s 80 degrees and 100% humidity outside while you carve the turkey. The fashion is also enviable, we all know the frenzy that one teeny sweater caused online (if you’re looking for your own, you can find them here). 

#2: You Can’t Forget the Food 

While there’s no big family dinner present, food is shown throughout. From the cake at (blank)’s party where the whole family is present, to the chili Marta eats with Ransom. And of course, we can’t forget those iconic Biscoff cookies during one of the movie’s most quotable (and oft-quoted) scenes. There’s also plenty of talk of food, from Ransom’s quip about “CSI: KFC” to Benoit Blanc’s pontificating about how the case is a donut with a missing donut hole at the center. (Psst. If I can suggest adding anything to your thanksgiving table this year, it’s this pie, but a bunch of mini ones. Thank me later.) 

#3: Family Ties 

The dysfunctional family unit of the Thrombeys is not your average American family. But boy do they fight like one. From the conversations at the party to the general fighting amongst family members, the Thrombeys may be wealthy, but they act like the rest of the dysfunctional families in America. Let’s be real, there’s been at least one argument at Thanksgiving in the past handful of years that we can all remember. Although ours likely wasn’t about who would get our famous murder-mystery-writer grandad’s fortune when he passes. 

The Perfect Thanksgiving Aesthetic 

This year, I highly encourage everyone to watch Knives Out for thanksgiving. It’s a tradition of mine now, and I cherish it every year. If you’ve never seen the film, you’re in for a real treat. It’s a whodunnit so entertaining that it literally never gets old, even after you know what happens. 

So this fall, consider adding Knives Out to your watch list. It’s available to stream on Amazon Prime

For peak viewing experience, put on your coziest sweater, and grab some Biscoff cookies to snack on. For extra ambiance, argue with family members about who the real culprit is until it’s revealed. 

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