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Friday the 13th was considered unlucky far before the first horror movie of the same name ever came out. But, now the film’s machete swinging, hockey mask-wearing villain is synonymous with the date. Friday the 13th was one of the first real horror movies I’d ever had the stomach to attempt, and you’ll see why in this review. 

As usual, reader beware! Spoilers ahead for the 2009 version of Friday the 13th. 

Starting Off Screaming 

For some context, we watched this pre-COVID at a friend’s house, and she has an amazing home theatre with a booming speaker system. We found out exactly how loud it was, because the thunder that starts the movie was SO loud it literally made everyone in the room scream. What a way to kick off a horror movie! Watching Friday the 13th ON Friday the 13th also gave it an extra air of anxiety. 

What’s nice about this version (as my horror-aficionado best friend explained) is that it gives the context of the mother killing counselors from the original story, but also allows Jason to don his hockey mask in the same film, which in the original films didn’t happen till later (so I was told). In this particular version, a group of young adults is searching for a stash of weed growing in the woods that happen to be on/surrounding Camp Crystal Lake. The kills start as night falls, and I will say there is a scene involving a sleeping bag that was so brutal I wanted to curl in on myself. 

Comfort in Convention 

As a bona fide scaredy-cat, I found some comfort in the conventions utilized in the 2009 version of Friday the 13th. You could pretty much tell when the jumpscares were coming, and when it was going to be a cat scare versus the real deal. While Jason’s actions are brutal, you generally know what’s coming, and it’s not (usually) likely to keep you up at night for days to come. 

Jason as a horror figure has risen to elite classic horror status, with the likes of Freddy, and Michael Myers. This silent antagonist is everywhere and nowhere, always ready with his machete in hand. Even though Jason has achieved mythic status, he is not a mythic figure that can be summoned ala The Candyman, giving viewers comfort that if they’re not at an old abandoned campground, they’re most likely safe from Jason Vorhees (unless it’s the case of Freddy vs. Jason, which is hilarious and scaredy cat-approved). 

Final Thoughts 

As horror movies go, Friday the 13th (2009) is scaredy cat approved. Just enough scares to keep you squirming and on the edge of your seat, but nothing truly traumatizing, terrifying, or overly brutal (although I won’t ever look at a sleeping bag the same way again). Current or former Supernatural fans can cling to Jared Padalecki’s character Clay for comfort, and horror fans can relish in Jason’s kills (and their knowledge of what’s gonna happen in the final moments of the film, which scaredy cats like me could only guess at). 

Where to stream Friday the 13th (2009): HBO Max 

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