Holiday gift guide for movie lovers
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It’s that time of year again! The time when we scramble to find unique or meaningful gifts for our loved ones. If your loved one happens to be a movie lover, have no fear! I put together this holiday gift guide to help you find the perfect gifts for movie lovers. Reminder: when looking for gifts for movie lovers, it’s best to know what their favorites are and which genres they prefer, it will make the search much easier. Question them about their favorite films and directors, I’m sure they’d love that chat about them! 

This list of gifts for movie lovers is not all-encompassing but it does contain some good starting points for various kinds of movie lovers. Without further ado, here are my top gifts for movie lovers this holiday season! 

Shrek mug $30 

Now, who doesn’t love the 2001 smash hit Shrek? From the story to the bangin’ soundtrack, many consider this to be a perfect film. If you know someone who agrees, then this is the perfect mug for them. They can have their morning coffee (or other beverage of choice, I’m not the beverage police) in this lovely glass mug with an adorable artistically rendered Shrek pattern with various homages to the film. Consider pairing it with themed coffee from Expedition Roasters, (my favorite is the Prospector’s Roast) or themed tea from Trader Nick’s (my fave is Wish Upon a Tea). 


Wear your fandom literally on your sleeve with this shirt, proudly displaying the “a Jordan Peele film” credits for all to see. Personally, I adore these shirts, as they usually come styled in the font of the film they were used in. Horror fans and non-horror fans alike can come together over this wonderful Jordan Peele shirt and celebrate cinema together. To add to this gift, consider something themed after one of his films, like a nice pair of scissors for “Us”, or a monkey paw replica for “Monkeypaw Productions”. 


Often imitated, never duplicated, for your viewing pleasure: the ORIGINAL “honk for The Mummy” bumper sticker. This sticker has gone viral a number of times, spurring various knockoffs- but this is the original. Show your love for this 1999 masterpiece by putting this sticker on your car, laptop, water bottle, or anywhere you’d like to put stickers!  You can pair this gift with more film or pop culture-themed stickers (either from Superyaki or Etsy, or wherever else) or a good water bottle to put stickers on. If a Nalgene or Hydroflask isn’t within your budget, Simply Modern on Amazon makes comparable metal insulated water bottles (I use mine every day). 

The “Director” Filmmaker Embroidered Dad Hat $24

For any aspiring filmmakers, movie lovers, (or just cinephiles for a true love of behind-the-scenes content) look no further for the perfect dad hat! The clapboard is subtle but meaningful and will alert other cinephiles in the area like a bat signal to talk to you about your favorite director. Pair this gift with a matching clapboard keychain, so they’ve always got a little bit of film representation with them. 

Overlook hotel welcome mat $32-36 

For movie lovers who are into classic horror, I present one of the coolest doormats I’ve ever seen. While it may not be an indoor carpet, it’s still an awesome homage to The Shining and will be subtle enough that non-fans won’t think anything of the pattern. Plus- around winter you can accompany it with a frozen Jack, or tiny DIY garden maze wreath, or around Halloween pair it with Overlook hotel accessories, like a “REDRUM” sticker for your door. 

Gifts for Film Fans and Movie Lovers 2022 

It’s not always easy to find gifts for movie lovers that aren’t obvious, in-your-face choices like posters or shirts with movie quotes on them (believe me, I go through it every year). But hopefully, this movie lover’s gift guide will give you a few ideas to start with!

Not mentioned but are always good ideas:

  • A replica signed script from their favorite movie or show (you can usually find these on Etsy)
  • A vinyl of their favorite movie soundtrack (if they have a record player, of course- if not it’ll just be a display piece) 
  • A framed print of a scene from a film they really love (also usually found on Etsy
  • A pocket projector so they can watch their faves on the big screen, at home (or wherever they’d like) 

Now go forth and shop for the movie lovers in your life (or for yourself, I won’t judge!) If you liked this gift guide, watch this space for more in the coming weeks! Coming up soon will be gift guides for Marvel fans, gift guides for book lovers, gift guides for Disney fans, and more! 

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