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It’s that time again, I’m back with another holiday gift guide for the season! This time we’re taking a look at gifts for Marvel fans. Marvel has dominated the pop culture conversation for the last few years between the blockbuster films on the big screen and its many Disney Plus shows. In the days of yore it was harder to find Marvel-themed gifts, but thanks to the widespread love the studio has garnered, it’s a bit easier this year. Thankfully this year you don’t have to frantically type “gifts for Marvel fans” into the Reddit search bar, I’ve got you covered (at least for the first few.) Let’s get on with it, shall we? 

THREE SPIDEYS Crewneck/hoodie $46-50

Starting things off with everyone’s favorite friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! I’ve been eyeing the crewneck version of this one for myself ever since Spider-Man: No Way Home dropped. It’s the perfect homage to the three Peters that we love so much, and subtle enough to show your love without being overbearing about it. The aforementioned crewneck is listed at $46, or you can grab it as a hoodie for $50. 

Captain America glass cup $20-28

This beautiful cup is also available in Thor, Loki, or Iron Man versions! I’m a cup gal, if I were a dragon, my horde would be made of cups/mugs. This cup is perfect for any cold beverage of your choosing, although I’d suggest iced coffee (bonus points for going with themed coffee from Expedition Roasters). Or, this aesthetically pleasing cup can be used to help keep your Marvel fan hydrated with some nice cold water during the day. The Cap version can help provide motivation to get through the day, while the Iron Man version might help them channel their inner Tony Stark to blast through their work. 

ATTORNEYS AT LAW shirt/crew/hoodie 

Now that Daredevil is officially back, your Marvel fan can celebrate with this beautiful design. The shirt is $35, the crewneck version is $46, and the hoodie version is $50. When it comes to gifts for Marvel fans, this design is perfect; it’s very much an “if you know, you know” situation, and this design will have other Marvel fans flocking to them for conversation in no time about the Man Without Fear and his triumphant return. 

Infinity Stones ring $35

What’s a list of gifts for Marvel fans without a little bit of bling? This ring filled with “infinity stones” is the perfect subtle addition to any outfit, and due to the variety of colors represented by the stones, it’s likely to go with a wide variety of outfits as well. Whether they’re envisioning Thanos’s infinity gauntlet or Iron Man’s filled with the stones, it’s a wonderful little signal of their fandom they can wear as they please. 

 Marvel Thor Mjolnir Meat Tenderizer $26.90

Who doesn’t want to say they have their own personal Mjolnir at home? This gift for Marvel fans is more of a fun one- a meat tenderizer is a handy kitchen tool, so why not give the gift of a fun Thor-themed one? Wield the power of Thor as you tenderize your various meats for delicious dishes, fit for the halls of Asgard! 

The top gifts for Marvel fans 

As the holiday season continues, keep an eye out for more gift guides! You can find the guide for movie fans here. For daily finds and a little dose of morning motivation, you can follow me on Instagram. To see what’s going on a little earlier, you can follow me on Pinterest

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