Glass Onion Outfits: Birdie Jay
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I know, we all wish we could take a peek into the Glass Onion wardrobe. The film had amazing fashion from start to finish, and I’m here to celebrate it, character by character. Starting off with Kate Hudson’s character, Birdie Jay. Birdie Jay’s outfits are colorful and a little over the top (in the best way). If this is the Glass Onion wardrobe you’re dying to see, read on! 

Rainbow Dress 

This beautiful dress seems to have no exact equal online, but I did my best to find close dupes! One is closer in style to the original, and one is closer in color- so it depends on which aspect of the original dress you liked the most. 

Option 1: 

  • Maxi dress from ASOS, $70 

Option 2: 

  • Ombre dress from Amazon, $32 

Distract those around you by twirling in either of these beautiful options. Both are flowy and perfect for spring break or summer outfits (which are so close yet so far!). Perhaps even perfect for a beach date outfit, or any summer date night where you need to beat the heat.

Orange Bathing Suit 

When it comes to Birdie Jay outfits, I fell in LOVE with her pool look. It’s just the right level of extra for South Florida (only half joking). I found an exact version of the bathing suit that’s pretty pricy for most of us, so I included (what I thought was a) pretty good dupe as well. As in, so good I’m considering buying it for myself. 

Exact match bathing suit: Andrea Iyamah, $167 

Buuuuut, if you’re like me and can’t afford the exact bathing suit Birdie wears in Glass Onion, I found a pretty good dupe that’s more budget-friendly! 

Bathing suit Dupe: 

Hat: Amazon, $15 

Heels: ASOS, $30  

Bag: Poshmark, $28 

If you’re looking for spring break inspo or just looking for your summer vibes ahead of time, this orange ensemble is sure to do the trick! Just make sure your hat isn’t so large you unknowingly spill your secrets to the person on the lounge chair next to you!  

Birdie Jay Pajamas 

I truly wish I could find the exact loungewear set Birdie has on when she receives her mystery box. I did my best to find a close color match, this is the set I found! But you can really pair any pajama/loungewear set with a corset/bustier to encapsulate the spirit of this Glass Onion outfit! 

Summersalt pajama set

  • on sale for $72 

Corset top

  • Forever 21, $17.99

Here’s hoping I don’t need a house party as an excuse to wear this beautiful outfit! I find dressing up at home makes me feel much more put-together, especially on the days when I’m a little down in the dumps. 

Dressing like Birdie Jay

These were just some of my favorite Birdie Jay outfits in Glass Onion, if you have a character you’d like to see outfits for next, feel free to let me know! You can leave a comment here, or reach out to me on pretty much any social media @glamgeekguru. Fore more posts like this, click here!

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