Bridgerton inspired outfits
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Ah yes, the long-awaited second season of Netflix’s Bridgerton series is finally almost upon us! While we anxiously await season two’s arrival on March 25th, I decided to put together some Bridgerton inspired outfits for spring; so that I may be dressed appropriately in theme by the time the season comes out. 

Daphne Bridgerton Inspired Outfits 

Daphne is seen wearing this stunning shade of Cinderella blue more than once in the show, so it felt fitting to seek it out here. When it comes to Bridgerton inspired outfits, there was NO way I could leave the diamond of the season off this list. 

If you’re looking for something on the Cottagecore end of things, Old Navy offers this option

Which at the time of writing is on sale for $40, and comes in regular, tall, AND petite sizes (something I treasure, means less hemming involved on my end!). This dress is the option for those who are looking for something for the spring/summer that still invokes Daphne’s blue and white color scheme. 

If you’re looking for an option with a lace detail like Daphne’s original dress, Altar’d State offers this long sleeve option

Now, this is the pricier option of the two, coming in at $69.95. The long sleeves may not be the best option for my friends in hotter climates, although they may be thinner material to avoid turning your arms into sweat traps. This dress looks perfect for either dressing up with a pair of heels or dressing down with sandals or sneakers and a garden hat. 

Marina Thompson Inspired Outfits 

I was torn between this dress and the yellow one Marina wears, but ultimately I am a sucker for a dusty pink color.

Our versatile spring/summer pick is this dress from Altr’d State: 

This dress comes with the unique advantage of having built-in shorts (with pockets!!) so you can dance the night away as carefree as possible. For a more casual look, pair with white sneakers to bring in the white element of her gloves. This dress is also currently on sale for $20! 

For a very formal option, consider this floor-length dress from ASOS: 

Long, with sleeves (unlike Marina’s) and an empire waist, this is an especially beautiful option for any weddings you may be invited to, or even as a prom dress. Tie a red-orange ribbon around the waist and you’ve got a wonderful homage to this dress Marina wears, making it a perfect Bridgerton inspired outfit. 

Penelope Featherington Inspired Outfits 

Spring and summer are the PERFECT time of year to rock yellow, and who does it better in the ‘ton than miss Penelope Featherington? 

For an option with less lace but more ruffle, there’s this wrap dress from ASOS: 

You can dress this up a bit with a pair of strappy heels and a nice bag, or dress it down with some sandals or sneakers for a more casual look. As of the time of writing, this dress is also only $20 (60% off!) 

For those looking for an option that’s a little sleeker, Lulus has this dress

Now, I particularly love this dress because anything with a tighter fit up top and spaghetti straps instead of proper sleeves leaves room for layering a top over the dress, to give it more of a top and skirt look. Wear it as-is with a pair of heels or sandals, or layer your favorite tee on top of it with a nice spring hat and sneakers to finish off the look. 

Lady Danbury Inspired Outfits 

Lady Danbury is so colorful and elegant, I truly can’t wait to see more of her in season 2!! She’s often pictured in shades of red that can deepen to purple, and while these aren’t particularly “spring” colors, I couldn’t leave her off the list! I’m completely biased and in love with this specific dress: 

The shades of red, the gold jewelry matching the gold on her cane, the way her hair is done!! Safe to say, this is one of my favorite costumes. 

For a versatile, wear-it-anytime option, there’s this dress from Francesca’s: 

To add even more Lady Danbury flair to it, pair with gold jewelry and perhaps a red duster jacket tied with a sash or a ribbon under the bust to get the same silhouette. 

For an option on the fancier side, there’s this dress from Macy’s: 

It already has the long sleeves and almost empire waist, with the ribbon to boot! At the time of writing it’s also on sale for $15.93! 

Bridgerton Costuming 

Either I’m insane, or I’ve finally just picked up on a visual theme through the costuming in Bridgerton. It looks like the Bridgertons are usually dressed in shades of the light blue Daphne is shown in above, but numerous times when Eloise specifically is ready Lady Whistledown, she’s seen wearing yellow. If you haven’t finished season 1, turn back now before I spoil it for you!! 

Okay, are you ready? You sure? 

And who else is prominently seen wearing yellow throughout the series, who is then revealed to be Lady Whistledown herself?  None other than Eloise’s best friend, Penelope Featherington. 

A different color theme I particularly enjoy is that both Simon and Lady Danbury are shown in shades of red, and that Simon and Daphne are red and blue, respectively. Contrasting colors, contrasting personalities, but as we’ve seen- opposites attract. 

Pop Culture Outfit Inspo 

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All credit to the original owners of these images, and all prices shown here are accurate at the time of writing. 

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