Fall outfits for 2022 inspired by pop culture
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Autumn is upon us, so that means it’s time to round up our fall outfits for 2022! These will include fall outfits for women and fall outfits for men (worded as such for SEO purposes, as always you’re free to wear whatever you’d like!). Keep your local temps in mind as you go through this fall outfit inspiration, it’s a sweaty 85 degrees is south Florida currently, and I’m dreaming of a beautifully crisp autumn where I can wear these fall outfits without drowning in sweat. 

Wanda Maximoff (WandaVision, Avengers)

When taking inspiration from Wanda’s/The Scarlet Witch’s aesthetic, red is your best friend. That stunning shade of scarlet can serve you well as a statement piece like a coat, or even a sweater/top for those in warmer climates. As a callback to Age of Ultron you can pair that signature color with a black dress and knee high socks, or skirt, tights, and combat boots depending on your preference! Or go the Infinity War route and opt for pants if it’s a bit chillier. 

Jack Pearson (This Is Us)

When we usually see Jack Pearson on our screen in This Is Us we’re viewing him through tears in our eyes, and it might make it harder to get the details of his outfits. Since 70s aesthetics are making a comeback in menswear, go for a denim jacket and jeans, with a plaid shirt in between! The jacket he wears on the show has a lined collar, but I won’t judge if you go for a regular denim jacket instead. Pair with a good pair of boots for maximum effect. 

Zoya Lott (Gossip Girl)

Zoya Lott’s aesthetic from season 1 of the Gossip Girl reboot has something for everyone. There’s the preppy styles she wears early on (before she starts to branch out stylistically) and the preppy/cool ones once she starts to gain a little more confidence in herself. For straight up preppy opt for a school uniform aesthetic with plaids and neutrals. For that cooler twist, try adding combat boots and a flannel, hoodie, or shacket to an outfit with the ever-preppy plaid skirt. Add tights for some texture and a little oomph.

Annie Hall (Annie Hall)

Annie Hall was the queen of menswear-inspired outfits once upon a time. Diane Keaton made these looks iconic. Opt for a pair of roomy pants, and a classic button-down, with a cozy vest. Hat and tie are optional, but I recommend going for it if you really want that recognizable Annie Hall look. But for those who would opt for np tie (like myself) play around with vests and the shape they give you by wearing it opened or almost buttoned rather than fully closed. 

Nat Love (The Harder They Fall)

While Johnatan Majors has everyone buzzing about his upcoming role as Kang the Conquerer, I’m here to talk about his character Nat Love. I ADORE The Harder They Fall, and highly recommend it if you haven’t seen it. We’re pulling the western vibes from that character for this fall menswear inspiration. Embrace your inner cowboy like it’s Red Dead Redemption y’all! A good leather coat/jacket, a button up and a solid pair of jeans will get you far. Add a bandana for extra flair, and a hat if you’re feeling up to it! 

The Corinthian (The Sandman)

“Darling I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream” is what comes to mind when I think of the Corinthian from Netflix’s adaptation of The Sandman. Take ordinary black slacks and add a neutral quarter zip shirt, with a trench-style coat on top. The coat here is what takes the outfit from casual to cool. Add a pair of dark round glasses for the full effect (even if you don’t have teeth for eyes). If you’ve already got the trench-style coat and a button-up, you could also opt for a classic John Constantine. 

Fall Outfit Inspiration

In my humble opinion fall is the best time of the year for fashion. Cold but not freezing, you can still show off your entire outfit without needing to hide it behind a warm coat. Perfect for layers and layers of style to showcase your personality. However you choose to dress this fall, go forwards with confidence! 

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Is there a character I missed who’s perfect for fall fashion inspo? Let me know in the comments! 

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