Fall Outfits From Film and TV
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Now that Autumn is upon us, it’s time to break out those fall outfits! Take in all these suggestions with your local weather in mind- as it’s 90 degrees in South Florida currently- so I can only dream of being wrapped in sweaters and scarves for the time being. Without further ado, let’s get into those good fall vibes and dive right in! One small note, these are currently separated by “for women” and “for men” for SEO purposes, you can wear whatever you’d like as long as you’re comfortable in it! 

Fall Outfits for Women

Monet- Gossip Girl (2021)

Monet has the quintessentially beautiful preppy style that’s perfect for fall. She pairs timeless patterns and prints with modern silhouettes to create stunning outfits perfect for autumn in the Upper East Side. For an easy outfit replication, try a long varsity sweater/sweaterdress paired with matching heels. When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a matching set tailored to perfection in an autumnal color scheme.

Sabrina Spellman- The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 

Cozy yet fashionable, Sabrina Spellman’s outfit’s from Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina are perfect for fall. There’s plenty of fall outfits for women to choose from in her repertoire, from cozy knitwear and sweaters that range from sweet to satanic. Sabrina Spellman’s outfits are proof that cozy knitwear is as versatile as it is comfortable. If you’re new to knitwear you can start out with something more basic like a solid neutral color. But, if you’re looking for something a little more adventurous, you can go for a printed knit with a leather jacket.

Kinsey Locke- Locke and Key 

I recently started watching Locke and Key for the Lovecraftian vibes as we head into spooky season. I haven’t finished the show yet, but I’m already in love with Kinsey’s outfits. Her sweater from episode 1 looked so soft and comfortable, perfect for a chilly Massachusetts day; hunting for magical keys or not. It works well paired with a skirt and tights as she did for school, or with jeans. Or sweats, whatever feels comfortable! 

Toni Topaz- Riverdale 

If you’re looking for fall outfits for women a little more on the edgier side, I highly suggest Toni Topaz from Riverdale as your style inspiration. Truly, when it comes to fall outfits, you cannot beat a flannel and a leather jacket combo. Pair with ripped jeans to keep it edgy, or add a soft knit on top to literally soften the look. For a subtle ode to Toni, add a dash of pink or rose gold to represent her hair. 

Fall Outfits for Men

Jughead- Riverdale 

Jughead’s outfits are perfect for fall. If you’re looking for fall outfits for men, his are a good starting point. Dressed in layers with a flannel and a denim jacket, and topped off with his signature beanie, his look is easy to recreate. Or, you could delve into his style from later seasons and swap that denim jacket for a leather one, adding a little bit of edge to your look. When it comes to shoes, opt for some Converse hi-tops or black combat boots, whatever better fits your mood. 

Sam and Dean Winchester – Supernatural 

A double whammy when it comes to fall outfits for men, the Winchester boys provide some options. If you’d like to go a little bit more classic fall, lean into the Sam Winchester look. Jeans, boots, a flannel, and a brown overcoat will keep you in the autumnal color scheme and keep you warm. If you’d like a bit more edge to your fall looks, head down the Dean Winchester route. Pretty much the same on the bottom (jeans and boots) but opt for a brown leather jacket or army green jacket up top. 

Ray- The Gentlemen 

When it comes to cozy fall outfits for men, Ray is your guy. The first time I ever watched The Gentlemen I zeroed in on Ray’s cardigan, and it hasn’t left my mind since. If you’re looking for his cardigan, you can find it here, although it’s sold out in the camel color shown in the film, you can still find it in navy blue. Ray is also THE go-to choice for more formal fall outfits for men- no disrespect to the last man on this list intended. He looks damn good in a coat and a vest, and you will too! Never be afraid to dress on the fancier side, it does wonders for your confidence and gives you the chance to change up your usual way of dressing! 

Eggsy- The Kingsman 

Eggsy is the go-to for fall outfits for men if you’re looking for more of a London streetwear-inspired outfit. While he spends plenty of time in gorgeous tailored suits, I remember Eggsy the most in his puffer jacket, jeans, collared shirt, sneakers, and snapback the most. His style is casual and easily inimitable for those looking for a more accessible fall outfit for men. While you can go for his more sophisticated looks later in the first film and in the second film- you’re entering classic suit territory and leaving autumnal outfits territory.

Fall Outfits From Film and TV 

There you have it, folks, the roundup of characters from film and tv who’s outfits are perfect for replication this fall! As I stated previously, anyone can wear any of these outfits- it’s all about what makes you feel confident! 

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