Hogwarts aesthetics by house
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There’s usually a commonly accepted aesthetic for each Hogwarts house that we all think of when running through them. I decided to run a little experiment, and assign each Hogwarts house a different aesthetic, and create outfits for them. I used only what was already available to me at home, so nothing extra was purchased for these outfits! If you’d like to see how the Hogwarts aesthetics turned out, keep scrolling! 

Gryffindor: Baddie Aesthetic 

I felt like Gryffindor deserved the baddie aesthetic because of their daring nature. As a Gryffindor myself, this outfit pushed me out of my comfort zone a bit, but gave me a new outfit option for the next time I’m dragged out by friends for a night out. The leather jacket for the Gryffindor aesthetic is thrifted, the skirt is an old purchase from Forever 21, and the sunglasses are from Shein. Fun fact: to get the look of theis top, all I did was cross the straps of a regular tank top over my head! I recommend trying it with a tank top that has adjustable straps though, to avoid stretching them out like I did! 

Hufflepuff: Soft Girl Aesthetic 

When it comes to Hogwarts aesthetics, Hufflepuff almost always ends up being the most down-to-earth. I know soft aesthetics are usually more pink-toned, but I opted here to use their house colors instead. The cozy mustard-colored cardigan is thrifted, the skirt is from Marshall’s, and the top is an old New Day white tee from Target. If you’d like a similar mug to the one shown here, you can get one with your initial on it from Anthropologie! I got this one for Christmas a few years back and I adore it. Just be warned the mug is NOT microwave safe!! 

Ravenclaw: Dark Academia Aesthetic 

You can’t have a list of Hogwarts aesthetics and leave off this match made in heaven. Almost every Pinterest search of Ravenclaw aesthetics will yield some mix of light and dark academia aesthetic posts. I used a thrifted blazer for the Ravenclaw aesthetic outfit (it actually came as a 3-piece set with a matching skirt and shorts!), the jeans are thrifted, the boots are from Forever 21 ages ago, and the lovely cameo necklace of the bird is from La Vie Boheme Custom Jewelry! Here the Ravenclaw aesthetic is classy but not too outdated. 

Slytherin: Chic Aesthetic 

I don’t know about you, but when I think of Slytherin aesthetics, I think of money. The chic aesthetic shows off their style without being too flashy. Here in order to convey this Hogwarts aesthetic, I used a thrifted sleeveless turtleneck in their classic green, ripped black jeans from Old Navy (I’ve sworn by their Rockstar jeans for years now) to give it a little bit of edge, and a thrifted black moto jacket from Express. I also added a grey pendant necklace, because it reminded me of the locket of Salazar Slytherin. 

What’s Your Hogwarts Aesthetic? 

There you have it, a different aesthetic outfit for each Hogwarts house! Feel free to reach out on Instagram @glamgeekguru or leave a comment here to let me know how right or wrong I got the outfit aesthetics! Want more style content? Feel free to click here!

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