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This is a public service announcement: get your Chris Evans Sweater from Knives out while you still can. Every year so far this specific sweater sells out on Amazon around fall and through the winter holidays. So, if you’d like a chance to sport the same sweater Chris Evans does in Knives Out, now’s the time! 

The Knives Out Sweater/Chris Evans sweater can be found on Amazon starting at $22 in a variety of colors–including dark green for those who’d like to cosplay or channel the spirit of this character from The Mandalorian. 

Cream fisherman sweater from Amazon.com that resembles the Chris Evans sweater/Knives Out sweater.

If you’re looking for a sweater of higher quality, there’s this option from The Irish Store for around $80, and this option from L.L. Bean for $179.

Complete the Look 

For those looking to go further than just the Chris Evans sweater/Knives Out sweater- here’s how you can complete the look. 

The scarf has been the hardest to find, as Drake’s Mogul scarf in the specific pattern from the film seems to be sold out everywhere it would have been sold originally. 

Knives Out Vibes 

Keep the vibe going by doing any of the following activities in your Chris Evans sweater/Knives Out sweater: 

  • Reading a mystery novel 
  • Eat some chili or have a drink 
  • Eat some Biscoff cookies 
  • Or of course, cuddle up and watch Knives Out. 

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