Disney Halloween Finds at Target
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We all love some good Disney merch, but not all of us live near a Disney store, unfortunately. Luckily for us, Target has had more and more offerings for us from the House of Mouse itself! 

Today, let’s go through some of the best Disney Halloween stuff you can find at Target. 

Disney Halloween Costumes and Apparel 

Mickey Pumpkin and Skeleton Jacket (that lights up!) 

If you’re looking to go David S. Pumpkins, but make it Disney, this is the choice for you! This jacket and bow tie combo screams Halloween, and the Mickey ears all over are hard to miss! For those looking for a more Jack Skellington vibe, Target also offers this jacket in a Nightmare Before Christmas pattern. 

Bad witches club shirt 

Bad Witches Club t-shirt from Target

For a Disney Halloween-themed piece that can be worn year-round, I recommend the Bad Witches Club shirt. Represent the Disney villains with this black tee sporting Ursula, Maleficent, and the Evil Queen. Perfect for any Disney villain lover, or anyone looking for a touch of evil for their Disney Halloween or fall wardrobe. 

Buzz Lightyear costume tee 

Buzz Lightyear Disney Halloween costume

This shirt is perfect for an easy DIY Halloween costume. Anyone can grab this Buzz Lightyear shirt, pair it with some white bottoms, and have an instant costume! For those willing to go the extra mile, you can fashion some old cardboard boxes into wings and add a purple beanie to finish off the look. After you buy this shirt, you’ll have an easy costume in your closet at all times. 

Minnie Mouse Halloween Witch’s Hat

Minnie Mouse witch hat for Disney Halloween costume

This Minnie Mouse witch hat is perfect for a Disney Halloween year after year. Combine it with a black witchy outfit of your choice for a full Minnie Mouse Halloween costume, or add it to any look for instant Disney Halloween spirit. This adorable hat is versatile, and perfect for use at home or at a Disney Halloween celebration at the parks. 

Nightmare Before Christmas Slippers

Jack Skellington Nightmare Before Christmas slippers.

These Jack Skellington slippers will keep your feet warm on those chilly Autumn days (or any day of the year when you’ve got the AC blasting). Nightmare Before Christmas fans and Disney Halloween fans alike can enjoy these warm and snuggly slippers as we approach spooky season. 

Disney Halloween Home Decor 

Now that we’re all dressed in our Halloween best, it’s time to move onto Disney Halloween home decor! 

Mickey Mouse Halloween Wreath 

Mickey Mouse shaped Disney Halloween wreath.

This wreath is probably my favorite thing on this list. Adorable and just spooky enough, it’s perfect for the Disney Halloween lover. It provides those magnificent fall vibes without scaring trick or treaters off your doorstep. This is on the pricier side, but if you don’t currently have a Halloween wreath, it’s a good investment to bring out year after year. 

Pumpkin King Coasters 

Jack Skellington Halloween coasters.

Protect your furniture while staying in the Halloween spirit with these Jack Skellington themed coasters. While these are primarily Halloween-themed, Nightmare Before Christmas fans will find they can leave these out all year to use. To help justify using these amazing coasters, I’d recommend reading the “Extras” section below for some drink options to fill your mug this spooky season. 

Inflatable Oogie Boogie 

Oogie Boogie Nightmare Before Christmas inflatable.

If you’ve got the room for it, this inflatable Oogie Boogies is a front yard must-have this Halloween. He’s just scary enough for the perfect Disney Halloween decor. At 3.5 feet tall he’s not too towering where he’ll scare off younger kids, but he’s just sinister enough to give off those villainous vibes. 

“All Are Welcome in Halloween Town” sign 

Nightmare Before Christmas welcome sign that says "all are welcome in Halloween Town".

This sign is perfect for any door, showing trick or treaters and guests of all kinds that they are welcome in your home. As is the case for many items on this list, for fans of Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas, this sign can be left up year-round. 

Halloween Countdown Calendar 

Nightmare Before Christmas themed Halloween countdown.

Last but certainly not least, is a Nightmare Before Christmas-themed countdown to Halloween. For those who just can’t wait till the Pumpkin King’s arrival on October 31st,  you can count down the days along with Jack and Sally! Perfect for any Disney Halloween fan, or anyone who just can’t wait for spooky season to get here already. You can also keep up with the 31 Nights of Halloween schedule here


A few extras from that I can recommend for those good fall vibes from Target are:

Happy Haunting for your Disney Halloween! 

Is there a Disney Halloween find from Target that I missed? Let me know in the comments! If you’d like to see more geeky and fan-inspired purchases, click here. For your daily dose of pop culture, follow me on Instagram @glamgeekguru. 

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