Easy DIY Halloween Costumes, inspired by your pop culture faves
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Halloween is fast approaching, which means it’s time to start looking for costumes! But, no one likes spending a lot of money, so here are some ideas for easy DIY Halloween costumes! 

Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Men 

Loki Variant (Loki) 

For this Loki-inspired look, you’ll need a khaki jacket, brown pants, black shoes, a black tie, and some orange paint. If you don’t want to paint the TVA symbol on the jacket, you can always use safety pins to attach printed-out paper letters to the back of the jacket. I can’t promise they’ll hold up all night, but they’ll get the job done. 

Linguini (Ratatouille) 

For this one, you’ll need a chef’s jacket, an apron, and a chef’s hat, as well as either a cutout of Remy, or an actual stuffed Remy if you’d like to go the extra mile! You can also print out a picture of the Guestau cookbook cover to tape on top of a different book for added flair. Who doesn’t love accessories, anyway? 

Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez (Sandlot) 

Benny has a few looks that are pretty accessible, so you’ll get to choose! The easiest is likely his green and white baseball tee, baseball hat, cuffed jeans, and Converse sneakers. You can also swap out the green tee for a blue flannel and white tee. Just add a baseball bat, and you’re good to go! 

Ransom Drysdale (Knives Out) 

This one’s for all my Chris Evans fans out there! If you’re looking for a stylish costume, and you live in a chilly state, this is the one for you. I wrote about where you can find each element of this costume here– just beware- finding the Knives Out sweater is the easy part, finding the Knives Out scarf is the tricky part. 

Evan Hansen (Dear Evan Hansen) 

If you’re a fan of musicals (or just looking for the easiest costume possible) this one’s for you. All you need is a blue striped collared shirt, some blue jeans, and a fake cast with “CONNOR” written on it. Just don’t be surprised when people ask you to sing songs from the show, it comes with the territory. 

Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Women 

Mia Wallace (Pulp Fiction) 

For those looking for a classy and classic, easy DIY Halloween costume, this is it. All you need for Mia Wallance is a black bob-cut wig, a white button-down shirt, and some black straight-cut pants. No shoes required! Literally, she’s barefoot in most of her scenes. For added flair, grab some fake blood and a fake syringe that can stick out of your “heart”. 

Sandy (Grease)

There are two options for Sandy that fall into the easy DIY Halloween costume category. The first is her yellow look. If you have a yellow skirt, matching yellow cardigan, and a white shirt with some white heels, bam! You’ve got beginning of the movie Sandy from Grease. But if your closet is lacking in yellow, the end of movie Sandy look might be for you. A black off-the-shoulder top (or just a black V-neck tee) with black skinny pants, a black belt to cinch the waist, and red heels. Curling your hair and red lipstick are also a must in order to really encapsulate that vibe. 

Coraline (Coraline) 

A spooky favorite of many, it’s pretty easy to DIY a Coraline costume for Halloween. A yellow rain jacket and matching yellow rain boots with jeans and a red striped sweater will suit you just fine. Grab a blue wig, a red messenger bag (and maybe some fake button eyes) to really finish off the look. 

Mean Girls

The pop culture Halloween costume options are virtually endless when it comes to Mean Girls. If you’re looking for quick and easy Halloween costumes, I’d recommend getting a white tank top and cutting the holes out where the bra is to replicate the Regina George look from the movie. Either that or recreating Damien’s outfit with a blue hoodie and some sunglasses so you can shout “she doesn’t even go here!!” at passersby. 

Kim Possible 

A Kim Possible Halloween costume is super quick and easy. A black crop top (long-sleeved or not, depending on your weather) paired with green cargo pants, a brown belt slung over the hips, and black sneakers or boots. Add black gloves and a red wig to finish off the look (sidekick and communicator not included). 

Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

And there you have it! 10 easy DIY Halloween costumes to choose from! This Halloween, we may find that costumes from the store are in short supply- so it’s a better time than ever to try your hand at a DIY Halloween costume! Plus, it usually ends up being more cost-effective than buying a full costume, and you can re-use the pieces for other things throughout the year! 

For more costumes, Disneybounds, and pop culture-inspired fashion, you can click here. For a daily dose of pop culture (and a good morning every day), you can follow me on Instagram @glamgeekguru. 

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