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Welcome back to Wednesday Window Shopping! Here’s this week’s roundup of geek chic pop-culture products I think should be on your radar: 

Ahsoka Tano leggings: $65, Heroes and Villains 

Starting off with something for the Star Wars fans: these stylishly geeky Ahsoka Tano leggings. I’m a big proponent of working out with little reminders of what motivates you, and who better than Ahsoka Tano to help get you through your workout? While I can’t speak to the feel or thickness of the fabric, they certainly look thick enough from the photos to withstand all your usual workouts. 

Geeky bottle openers: Geek Thirst, various 

I actually came across this store on TikTok and immediately bookmarked it for later. I’m most drawn to their Hobbit bottle opener ($24) but they have a wide variety of geeky options, from Zelda boss keys to Sailor Moon wands and Loki’s scepter. The only option they don’t offer that I found elsewhere was Kratos’ Leviathan axe bottle opener, which I found on Etsy ($18.45). Personally, I think these make the perfect keychain: it shows off your personality AND provides use! 

Ditto coasters: Etsy, $10-$13 

These Ditto coasters from SweetCreamShoppe on Etsy were so adorable, I actually bought the set of 3 for myself! Perfectly cute pastel Dittos to add a touch of Pokemon wherever you’d like. I’m partial to the purple, but the pink and blue are just as cute (in my opinion.) If you like these I’d suggest buying them sooner rather than later, they sold out the last time I found them, and I had to wait a few months for a restock! Their shop offers plenty of adorable aesthetic Pokemon options, as well as a few non-themed ones. 

Da Vinci Junimo shirt: Thistle and Threads, $30

This store was another gem brought to me by TikTok. What can I say? My FYP seems to know me pretty well by now! They have an amazing inventory filled with products that geeky but chic, catering to gamers.  As an avid Stardew Valley player, I had to choose this Junimo shirt to feature in this post. Subtle, and cute enough that those who know will recognize it, but those who don’t won’t think twice about it. I also recommend checking out their desk accessories to give your space an extra dash of geek chic. 

Haunted Mansion Scarf: Etsy, $35 

Since it’s still winter in most of the country, this is an appropriate find for all the freezing-cold Disney fans out there! I purchased this as a Christmas present for one of my best friends, and she ended up loving it. Covered in classic Haunted Mansion motifs like the stretching room portraits and Madame Leota’s head, this is perfect for anyone who’s favorite ride is the Haunted Mansion. 

Geeky Gifts for All 

That’s it for this week’s roundup of pop culture products! Are there geek chic products or stores you think I should know about? Let me know! You can leave a comment here, or send me a DM on social media, @glamgeekguru. For more shopping inspo, click here, and be sure to follow me on Instagram! I like to post cool findings from small businesses regularly so we can shop small while showing off our geeky sides. 

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