Lore Olympus inspired outfits
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It’s no secret that I’m high-key in love with Lore Olympus. So today, we’re putting together some Lore Olympus outfits. These are outfits based on those worn by the characters in Lore Olympus, and where you can find them. They’d make for great Lore Olympus Halloween costumes as well, depending on how well you handle body paint! 

Without further adieu, let’s get into these Lore Olympus outfits! 


For Persephone, I fell in love with this look. It’s something I could see myself wearing, and it’s not too bring tor over the top. I’m a sucker for a hoodie, and I’d personally pair it with some white sneakers to keep it more on the casual side. She wears lots of white which contrasts lovely against her pink tones, but you can opt for a fully pink outfit if you’d like and it’ll still embody her spirit! If you’d like to see other Persephone Lore Olympus outfits, you can click here


Hera from Lore Olympus is so classy, I love her chic outfits. While this is an outfit I can’t quite wear in the South Florida heat, I envy those who can! The structured cream-colored coat looks lovely paired with the white sweater and skirt (or sweater dress, as it’s shown in a different panel!). I’d go with a pair of low cream-colored heels, or beige/white boots if it’s chilly out. 


Artemis is giving me big Kate Bishop vibes in this outfit, and I love it! This outfit can also be done in black, but I have a preference for her shades of purple. This outfit is screaming for some black combat boots or black sneakers to go with it, to keep it sporty but chic!


  • Red crop top (on sale for $20 as of 10/18/2022)
  • Red bodycon midi skirt (on sale for $25.49 as of 10/18/2022)
  • Red feather coat $35

When it comes to Minthe from Lore Olympus, we’re allowed to get a little extra fashion-wise. This curve-hugging outfit in a deep red is perfect for channeling her vibes. Pair with a red coat or shawl of your choice, and black or red heels. For a more casual vibe, opt for a hoodie instead of the textured coat, and opt for black sneakers instead of heels. 

Lore Olympus Inspired Outfits 

For those as obsessed with the color schemes and outfits of Lore Olympus as I am, I’ll continue this series in the near future (especially for those looking for Lore Olympus Halloween costumes or cosplays)! For more fictional fashion in general, you can click here

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