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Summer is rapidly coming to a close as kids and adults alike start heading back to school. As we make that transition from summer, sometimes you’re in the mood for movies with fall vibes, but without Halloween involved. Those times when all you want is something with a cozy atmosphere without being reminded of Halloween– when it feels too early for Halloween but not too early for autumn/fall. You’re in luck, because I’ve compiled a list of my top 5 movies with fall vibes for just the occasion.  

Fantastic Mr. Fox 

Mr. and Mrs. Fox from Fantastic Mr. Fox

A perfect cozy autumnal movie. Even though I don’t classify myself as a Wes Anderson person, this film feels like a warm hug. The stylized stop-motion animation and warm fall-toned color palette make you wanna don a cozy sweater and drink the finest cider you can find. Not only is it cozy, but INCREDIBLY well voice-acted, by some big names you might not guess upon first listen. Highly recommend Fantastic Mr. Fox (it’s one of my personal favorite movies with fall vibes). 

Watch it on: Disney Plus 

Fall vibes category: Cozy nostalgia 

The Social Network

A scene from The Social Network where Erica and Mark are at the bar.

If you’re looking for a movie to get in the mood to go to college for the first time or just back to college in general, I can’t recommend The Social Network enough. It’s a kinda-factual yet fictionalized account of the creation of Facebook and the legal proceedings that followed it. The writing and acting are second to none, and the Harvard setting from the dorms to the classrooms makes you long to be at school again, wearing a Harvard sweatshirt and typing away at your computer. 

Fall vibes: Casual Ivy league / Old money (thanks Winklevoss twins!)

Watch it on: Netflix 

Good Will Hunting 

Will and Sean from Good Will Hunting sat on a park bench.

With Good Will Hunting’s collegiate New England atmosphere and autumnal wardrobe, it’ll inspire anyone to put on a crewneck sweater and head over to their local library for a free Ivy League education. One of the all-time greatest scenes takes place on a bench on the MIT campus, with Robin Williams in a cozy cardigan, surrounded by greenery that’s got the faintest touch of gold and red to it. 

Fall vibes category: Boston Casual 

Watch it on: Starz 

When Harry Met Sally 

HArry and Sally in the park from When Harry Met Sally

While this film spans the seasons and years, the fall scenes are spectacular. This film is especially good when we navigate the transition from fall to winter, so the ending scene on New Year’s Eve puts us in the mindset of the coming winter holidays. The way this film shows us fall in New York is enough to make you want to book a plane train or automobile and be there for when the leaves turn orange and gold. 

Fall vibes: Vintage 

Watch it on: HBO Max 

Dead Poets Society 

The boys from Dead Poets Society standing on their desks.

When it comes to movies with fall vibes, Dead Poets Society usually tops the list. It’s a dark academia staple, with its boarding school setting. With its focus on literature and fall as a transitional period, Dead Poets Society will leave you wanting to dress like a rich boarding school boy (with all the dark academia essentials) cuddled up and reading poetry to feed your soul. 

Fall vibes category: Dark academia 

Watch it on: Amazon (not available via Prime, unfortunately) 

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