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Are you freaking out over that Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer? Me too! Let’s freak out together and go over what we’re thinking! 

Number 1: Is a spell gone wrong truly how the multiverse forms?

 It feels like it could be a bit of a fake out- they mess up the spell and then Strange takes Peter on his own “long strange trip” to show him what happens when you mess with magic/the capabilities of magic. A spell creating the nexus event that we see in Loki just feels weird, so I’m not entirely sure if that’s what causes it. 

Number 2: Mysterio, dead or alive?

 In my bones, I feel like this guy is NOT dead. Either he’s alive and watching the chaos he’s created for Peter, or somehow he ends up running an illusion on Peter, and the images of Doc Ock and Green Goblin we see are part of an illusion rather than a multiverse. Or, will he use the excuse of a multiverse to play a different version of himself, just as he claimed to be from a different Earth in Far From Home? 

Number 3: Mephisto? 

I know, I know. But somewhere on Instagram (I don’t remember where now, unfortunately), someone mentioned the possible use of the storyline “One More Day” as inspiration for No Way Home. In One More Day, Peter makes a deal with Mephisto after Aunt May is shot, he has to essentially sacrifice his marriage to MJ so that Aunt May is never shot in the first place. Now, Doctor Strange may be taking the part of Mephisto here, but with Agatha Harkness in the MCU, never say never. 

Number 4: Skrulls! 

Now that we know Nick Fury is in space and there are Skrulls on Earth, will they be utilizing the Skrulls at all? There was a much-discussed solution to the identity problem by using a Skrull to play Peter while the real Peter stayed in the Spider-Man suit- so why couldn’t they do that? This also leads me into number 5- 

Number 5: SWORD and Monica Rambeau 

During the post-credits scene for Far From Home Nick Fury made a call, that we now can assume was to get Monica Rambeau to come up to space at the SWORD station. Will we see this play out and SWORD’s involvement in No Way Home, or will we have to wait till The Marvels to find out? 

Final Thoughts 

I am VERY excited for No Way Home- with the way that Far From Home left off it’s great to see even a glimpse of what’s coming next. My two great hopes are that 1: Mysterio isn’t dead, and 2: Matt Murdock walks into Peter’s interrogation room as his lawyer. I’m serious, I’d sell my soul to Mephisto for Matt Murdock to be in this movie, even for just a little while. 

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