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Does anyone else keep lists of items they want to buy when they get paid/have the money in general, or is that just me? This year, I’ve been trying to be much more intentional about my purchases, in an effort to both save money and to be more environmentally friendly (avoiding buying things just to buy them or fill a void when I don’t need them, in an effort to fight against creating more waste!) 

Anyways! I thought I’d share some of the cool stuff I’ve found online this week, to keep a record of the cool things I come across (especially from smaller brands/businesses, and ethical, fair trade, or sustainable businesses!) Here’s what I found recently that would make perfect gifts for the geeks in your life:

Royalty Active Shorts (The Princess Couture)

Via The Princess Couture

I actually came across their Instagram page recently, and I fell in love with these active shorts because of the color. Some of you might know that I’m on a never-ending fitness journey with tons of ups and downs, and with the hotter months peeking around the corner here in Florida, I’ve been searching for more active shorts, since even ankle length leggings can prove too hot during days in the South Florida sun. 

Mad Hatter Mug (TheGlitterGrottoShop)

Via The Glitter Grotto Shop

I am a mug addict. I’ve said it, it’s out there. When these mugs came across my feed and I saw the absolutely adorable pink teacup mug, I added them to my wishlist immediately. It also helps that they’re metal cups, since I’m someone who makes 3-4 trips to the microwave each morning to heat up her coffee/tea, it’ll save me from having to make those trips each day! I also recently purchased a different cup from their shop, which I can’t wait to show y’all when it comes in! 

Strength necklace (MakeItMinnie) 

via Make It Minnie

I love Captain Marvel. That’s no secret, she inspired me to begin my fitness journey years ago and serves as my constant reminder and inspiration that I can do anything if I work at it. This was a sponsored post on my feed,  and I give the algorithm mad props because it is exactly the kind of thing I love. Beautiful, simple, and subtly geeky. 

Rebel lounge set (Heroes and Villains) 

Via Heroes and Villains

I’ve been following Heroes and Villains for a while now, but every time I find something I love, it’s sold out because everyone else loved it too. When I saw that they had released a matching Rebel lounge set, I immediately clicked to shop, aaaaaand they were sold out. I adore these sweatpants especially, so hopefully I’ll catch them/have the money for them when they come back in stock! When considering gifts for geeks, you truly can’t go wrong with comfy loungewear.

Candles (Highland Bluff Studio) 

Via Highland Bluff Studio

Part of my work from home routine is to light a candle when I sit down to start working for the day. Because I burn through so many candles (pun most definitely intended) I made it a goal to buy candles from small businesses instead of spending all that money at the big candle store that also sells bath products. Once again, the algorithm is both creepy and helpful, because I was served a sponsored post for these awesome candles. Not only are the scents nerd themed, but they also tell you on their site that once your candle has burned out, you can repurpose the container into a dishwasher safe drinking glass with a nerd printed design on it! I’ve currently got my eye on Fireside Fellowship. 

That’s it for this week’s window shopping for me! Have you found anything on Instagram lately that you’re loving or you can’t wait to buy? Send it to me @glamgeekguru so I can check it out, and let other people know about it too! Also feel free to stop by my Instagram anytime to let me know about your favorite small businesses or ethical/sustainable brands, I’m always on the hunt to add more gifts for geeks to my list!

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