summer sleep shorts from Target
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This weekend as I made the rounds at my nearest Target, I came across a sight that stopped me dead in my tracks. It was, truly, the perfect pair of summer sleep shorts.

The print caught my eye as it stood out easily amongst the usual black, grey, and navy blue pajamas; the summery floral just enough to satisfy my need for pajamas for each season, without being an over-the-top tacky print.


photo of tropical summer pajamas in 3 lengths: shorts, long pants, and cropped.

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I purchased these as a pair of shorts, as it just gets too hot in the spring/summer here for me to even think about sleeping in full length pajama pants. Although, they would make cute lounge pants for those who aren’t in a place where they’ll sweat to death!

So as summer begins it’s head start here in sunny South Florida, I’ll at least be able to enjoy these extremely soft, lightweight, tropical shorts from the comfort of the AC while it hits 90 degrees outside at 100% humidity.

If you find anything summery that you’re loving, feel free to shoot me a DM on Instagram @glamgeekguru, I’d love to see it and share with everyone so we can all enjoy it!

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